Luthier who builds, restores, and maintains classical string instruments. Born in the city of Sarmiento in the province of Chubut, Argentina, in 1985. Began initiation into music under the tutelage of Master Roberto Iribarne. Have always been interested in assembling and disassembling everything that fell within reach—among other things, musical instruments. In 2004, moved to San Miguel de Tucumán to attend the School of Luthiers:  Escuela de Luthería at the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán.

There, under the tutelage of famous music masters Juan Cristóbal Alonso and Facundo Antonio Leiva, learned the construction methodology of the Italian classics—a final step toward establishing a vocation as a luthier.
Six years later, completed university courses and earned the title of Masters of Technical Luthiers.
In 2010, launched and established own workshop, WGG Luthiers, in the city of Buenos Aires, along with a colleague named Ernesto Wynveldt.

Have coordinated and participated in various expositions for classical musical instruments, displaying own instruments in areas ranging from own hometown, in Sarmiento, to other cities of Chubut, Tucumán, Buenos Aires, Entre Ríos, Chile, Uruguay and Brasil.

Early in 2015, moves to the city of Mendoza, Lujan de Cuyo, and launched own workshop.